Mobile World Congress 2012: Agilent to showcase test solutions for LTE-Advanced, LTE and HSPA+

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Agilent Technologies will demonstrate its test and measurement
solutions for LTE-Advanced, LTE, HSPA+, dual-carrier HSDPA, MIMO,
multi-standard radio and voice over LTE, along with 2G/3G solutions for
R&D, manufacturing and deployment at the Mobile World Congress.


Agilent will
showcase how to perform RF and parametric tests to the latest standards for LTE
and LTE-Advanced using Agilent LTE & LTE-Advanced signal-generation and
analysis tools such as 89600 VSA software, X-Series signal analyzers and
SystemVue and Signal Studio software.


will showcase the eight measurement channels for TD-LTE base-station RF antenna
beamforming with the N7109A multichannel signal analyser and Test 42-Mbps
DC-HSDPA IP data throughput using the new E5515E platform for the 8960 wireless
communications test set.


The N9083A
MSR X-Series measurement application operating on Agilent X-Series signal
analyzers, including the N9030A PXA and the N9020A MXA are enable to address
the challenges of multi-standard radio per 3GPP Release.


Agilent will
demonstrate how to transform the manufacturing test environment to get new
wireless devices to market faster while reducing cost of test with Agilent’s
new EXT wireless communications test set.


architecture, a part of Agilent’s X-Series signal analyzers, features an
advanced sequence analyzer optimized for high throughput non-signaling test
techniques for 2G/3G/LTE and future wireless devices.


E6621A PXT wireless communications test set, UE performance and conformance
test solution for both FDD and TDD will verify the performance of LTE user
equipment under controlled test conditions.


The PXT is a
flexible, scalable LTE base-station emulator used to verify that RF parameters,
as well as protocol and device functionality, comply with design expectations.


Agilent will
also demonstrate how the Test user equipment through different operating modes
to characterize battery drain and verify performance in an all-IP IMS-SIP test
environment using E6966A IMS-SIP server/client pair for testing voice, video
and SMS services on all-IP networks.


We strive
to anticipate our customers’ needs with first-to-market test solutions such as
TD-LTE beamforming MIMO, 42-Mbps throughput test, multi-standard radio and
high-throughput manufacturing test. We are dedicated to helping them achieve a
competitive advantage in their mobile communications R&D, manufacturing and
deployment environments,” said Guy Sene, president of Agilent’s Electronic
Measurement Group.


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