Mobile World Congress: ZTE unveils Touch and Share for near field communications


By Telecom Lead Team:ZTE, a global provider of telecommunications
equipment and network solutions, has launched Touch and Share, a near field
communications (NFC) technology that enables users to share data quickly and
easily by automating Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connectivity between devices that
are in close proximity to each other.


ZTE has been active in the development of near field
communications technologies. In October, the company was appointed as an
associate member of the NFC Forum and January’s launch of the Turkcell-branded
T11 – an Android smartphone that enables motorists to pay at toll booths via


With Touch and Share-enabled handsets, users simply
choose content to share and touch the device of the intended receiver, which in
turn triggers the sharing process. It does not require the traditional
scanning, password inputs, or other manual intervention.


  ZTE Touch and Share is a combination of NFC,
Bluetooth and Wi-Fi,” said   Kan Yulun, vice president and CTO of the
Handset Division, ZTE. The core protocols we have incorporated into Touch and
Share enable users to link up devices without the requirement to manually find
and then make a connection either smartphone-to-smartphone or
smartphone-to-wireless Wi-Fi routers are possible.”


ZTE Touch and Share includes several features including
Service Discovery Protocol, Connection Manager and Application Service Protocol
automating device pairing processes in an effort to make the user experience as
productive and enjoyable as possible. Touch and Share opens up new
opportunities for further developments, including social networking or mobile
gaming, taking advantage of seamless Bluetooth and/or Wi-Fi connectivity.


ZTE also announced that it is aiming to expand sales at its mobile
phone business to 100 billion yuan ($16 billion) by 2015, accounting for more
than 50 percent of the company’s total annual revenue.


ZTE is demonstrating several devices including those
enabled with ZTE’s Touch and Share, at Mobile World Congress.


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