Motorola and Meru Networks to cross-license WLAN portfolios


Meru Networks and Motorola Solutions announced that the
two companies have reached an agreement to cross-license WLAN
patent portfolios held by both parties.


The agreement will also enable the two companies to work
together to ensure compatibility of Motorola Solutions’ large selection of
Wi-Fi-based communication devices with Meru’s
virtualized wireless LAN architecture.


“We believe we have reached a satisfactory agreement
that preserves both companies’ intellectual property rights and technology
advantages. Enterprise mobility is changing the network and clearly both
companies will have a significant role to play in this transformation,”
said Bob Sanders, senior vice president, enterprise solutions and wireless
network solutions, Motorola Solutions.


We are pleased to enter into this cross-license that
will allow us to strengthen our relationship with Motorola Solutions. Our focus
and attention remains on easing network management complexities for enterprises
with our software and hardware solutions as they continue the transformation to
an all-wireless approach and manage the avalanche of mobile devices that are
now an integral part of the enterprise network,” said Ihab Abu-Hakima,
president and CEO, Meru Networks.



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