MTS Russia deploys ECI Telecom’s OMLT platform to enable 100G

Telecom Lead Europe: Russian mobile operator MTS has deployed ECI Telecom’s Apollo Optimized Multi-Layer Transport (OMLT) platforms to enable 100G.

With more than 1,000 km, the project links Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

By adding Apollo OMLT shelves with 100G cards in add/drop points, MTS can leverage the already installed XDM shelves, enabling new services.

Both Apollo and the XDM are managed by ECI’s LightSoft Network Management System, enabling end-to-end provisioning, simplified operations and faster time to market.

MTS has deployed the Apollo OPT9624 to expand its cross-country DWDM backbone based on ECI optical platforms. The new Apollo DWDM network will enable MTS to provide 100G services. It includes connection between core routers with 100G link.

MTS is expecting a smartphone penetration of 60 percent on its network by the end of 2015.

MTS is also saying that the implementation of fixed line internet and its usage growth will increase the volume of data traffic in its backbones at 6-10 times. The volume of everyday traffic exchange between Moscow and Saint Petersburg is over 1 Petabyte.

“In this context, we are building the high-performance system of backbone lines sequentially enhancing its capacity to supply the demand in data exchange in long-term perspective,” said Andrey Ushatskiy, vice president, Group CTO, MTS.

The Apollo OMLT is part of ECI’s 1Net framework for addressing customers’ challenges in their day-to-day operation and strategic directions.

“With about 100 million mobile subscribers, MTS is able to edge ahead with 100G capabilities in one of the main telecom links in the country. The Russian market faces one of the fiercest competition today in the world, and by leveraging the deployed XDM network, MTS can migrate to advanced services more cost-effectively and with faster time to market,” said Boris Mirkin, head of Russia and CIS Business Unit, ECI Telecom.

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