NetComm adds features to DPU assisting broadband operators

NetComm today announced that it added new features to its Distribution Point Unit (DPU) portfolio – assisting broadband operators.
BT broadband for homesNetwork operators’ engineers, who are looking for cost effective broadband technology, will be able to connect more premises more cost effectively to ultra-fast broadband by deploying NetComm’s latest Distribution Point Unit (DPU) portfolio.

The innovation in NetComm’s new DPUs is the availability of 4-port, 8-port and 16-port models assisting network operators to service more premises from a single DPU.

Broadband network operators, which are aiming for immediate RoI, deployed a substantial amount of fibre over the last decade with around 33 percent of homes in Europe now passed by fibre running down their streets.

Challenge for operators is connecting that street fibre to individual premises due to the cost and complexity of delivering fibre all the way into each premises.

As a result, only 14 percent of total European premises are actually physically connected to a Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) network – impacting customer experience.

Vast majority of premises — even those passed by fibre — are not capable of receiving ultra-fast broadband.

“The biggest issue has been in providing power to new Gfast equipment deployed in the field but by using our new Reverse Powering technology in our DPU, NetComm has developed a solution that can be installed and end-user activated, reducing the cost for operators,” said Els Baert, director of Marketing and Communications at NetComm.

The NetComm DPU is powered using a Reverse Power Unit (RPU), which can be combined with the modem to make an NTD (Network Termination Device).

Network operators are facing a significant challenge in delivering ultra-fast speeds to MDUs with existing VDSL services capable of only delivering 100Mbps only leaving operators the option of running new fibre to each premises to upgrade speeds.

NetComm and Openreach of the UK completed a world first demonstration with a Reverse Powered Gfast 212MHz profile DPU that achieved Gigabit speeds.

NetComm’s 4-port DPUs are also in deployment in the NBN Co. Fibre-to-the-Curb (FTTC) network and the 8 and 16-port versions will be introduced early next year.