Orange Jordan signs deal to deploy Nokia WiFi Beacons

Nokia has signed a 3-year agreement with Orange Jordan to deploy more than 100,000 units of Nokia WiFi Beacons.
Nokia WiFi BeaconsOrange Jordan and Nokia agreed a deal in 2017 to deploy a GPON fiber throughout the kingdom.

Nokia’s solution, including fiber modems and Wi-Fi beacons, will allow Orange Jordan to provide consistent Wi-Fi coverage inside the premises. The Nokia beacons are available for both new and existing subscribers of Orange Jordan.

Nokia’s Wi-Fi solution uses mesh technology to provide seamless coverage and no service drops in the building’s farthest parts. Orange Jordan’s subscribers will be able to install and manage their Wi-Fi network through the Nokia WiFi mobile app.

Nokia WiFi Beacons come with in-built intelligence enabling them to resolve problems like interference and connectivity issues. Quality of services will allow Orange to enhance customer experience, bring down operational costs and increase customer satisfaction in Jordan.

Thierry Marigny, CEO of Orange Jordan, said: “Our partnership with Nokia to offer its advanced solutions will surely enhance our customers’ Wi-Fi experience.”