Outdoor small cell solution: Taqua and Public Wireless ensure 50% less Capex and Opex

Telecom Lead America: Taqua and Public Wireless have deployed an outdoor small cell solution at reduced Capex and Opex of more than 50 percent compared to the traditional 3G/4G wireless macro deployment alternatives.


Wireless Backhaul

Taqua, a supplier of small cell and convergence switching solutions, and Public Wireless, a developer of outdoor small cell solutions, have deployed a cluster of outdoor small cells delivering the coverage and capacity of a traditional macrocell.


The Public Wireless outdoor small cell and deployment services utilize locally available broadband IP connectivity to remotely connect to Taqua’s small cell core.


A single Public Wireless small cell can cover up to three square miles and hundreds of registered users. Taqua’s small cell core acts as an IMS-overlay into the carriers existing macro network (2G or 3G), extending the small cell-served subscribers all the existing macro network functionality required.


Small cells can reduce deployment costs by 50 percent to 75 percent compared to traditional 3G or 4G upgrades through additional macrocell deployment.


“By partnering with Public Wireless, Taqua can now deliver a full, end-to-end indoor and outdoor small cell solutions that change the economics of upgrading to 3G or 4G networks,” said Payam Maveddat, Taqua’s EVP of product management.


In this first joint deployment, a cluster of three Public Wireless small cells were utilized to gain the necessary outdoor coverage eliminating the need for additional macros, and at the same time Taqua’s small cell core simultaneously supported indoor small cells (femtocells) to deliver coverage and capacity within residential and business locations.


“Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have a challenging task ahead of them with respect to enhancing their 3G/4G networks. They need to satisfy the service availability demands of their smartphone equipped customers while meeting coverage and capacity goals in their networks,” said Murat Erkam, VP of Product Management at Public Wireless.


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