Samsung, Panasonic, Sandisk, Sony and Toshiba to collaborate on secure memory solution


Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, SanDisk, Sony and Toshiba
have set up the “Next Generation Secure Memory Initiative”, which
aims to develop a new content protection technology for flash memory cards such
as SD Cards and various storage devices.


Under the initiative, the five companies will start
preparing for licensing and promotion of HD-capable security for SD Cards and
embedded memory for use in advanced consumer applications such as tablets and


This content protection solution, utilizing unique ID
technology for flash memory and robust copy protection based on public key
infrastructure, is said to be robust enough to protect HD content.


The companies believe this technology will enable various
HD content applications such as HD network download, broadcast content to go
and HD Digital Copy/Managed Copy from Blu-ray Disc media. They plan to license
the new secure memory technology early next year.


Accordingto Infonetics Research, global content security gateway appliance and software
sales grew 8 percent in Q2 2011 over Q1 2011 to $766 million.


Year-over-year (Q2 2010 to Q2 2011), the content security
gateway market is up 18 percent.


The worldwide content security market hit $2.7 billion in
2010, up 19 percent over 2009.


Infonetics forecasts the content security appliance and
software market will grow to $3.9 billion by 2015


Cisco took the lead in the content security appliance
segment in the second quarter of 2011, now ahead of Blue Coat, and moved into
second place after McAfee in the overall content security market.


While Cisco will have a hard time beating their
impressive Q2 2011 performance in this space next quarter, we believe Federal
spending — despite soft expectations — will help most content security
gateway vendors increase revenue in Q3 2011.


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