Spark New Zealand boosts IoT platform with Cisco

Spark New Zealand is advancing its IoT Control Center platform powered by Cisco with new features to help businesses improve service reliability and reduce operational costs using machine learning and artificial intelligence.
IoT deployments generate vast amounts of data per day, making it impossible for enterprise customers to personally monitor their IoT deployment and catch issues when they arise. This can lead to larger problems impacting service reliability, increasing cost, and compromising security.

Cisco is solving this challenge for Spark with two new modules added to the Cisco IoT Control Center connectivity platform that use advanced proprietary machine learning algorithms to process massive amounts of data in near real time for its enterprise customers.

“By adding these enhancements to Cisco IoT Control Center, we will strengthen our IoT capabilities to reduce customer operational and billing issues and enhance our value to enterprise customers,” said Tony Agar, Spark IoT lead. “Through our partnership with Cisco we are able to help businesses become more productive, resilient and sustainable through innovative technology.”

“With these advancements to Cisco IoT Control Center, Spark enterprise customers can detect and address potential issues with their IoT deployments as early as possible, simplify cost management and minimize unexpected charges,” Masum Mir, Vice President, Mobility, Automation and IoT Control, Cisco, said in a news statement.