Sparkle deploys Juniper’s 400G solutions to meet bandwidth demands

Juniper Networks announced that Sparkle, the first international service provider in Italy, has deployed Juniper’s 400G solutions to meet bandwidth demands.
Sparkle submarine cable investment
In addition, Juniper’s experience-first network solution supports Sparkle’s sustainability goals through power and space savings in its points of presence.

Sparkle is a top 5 global IP player, providing high-speed and reliable Internet connectivity to ISPs and content providers worldwide. The service is delivered over an network of over 600,000 km of fiber including major regional systems in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Americas, plus ownership of major international submarine cables.

Juniper Networks’ 400G solution helps Sparkle fulfill its mission to provide customers with customized solutions that deliver a superior end-user experience, competitive cost and top performance in the international telecommunications market.

Juniper’s technology enables Sparkle to reduce space and power consumption in its core PoPs. 400G connections are also easier to manage with fewer overall ports. Juniper’s innovative silicon advancements reduce watts consumed per gigabit, allowing for high speed data transmissions at lower power levels.

Sparkle has deployed Juniper’s PTX Series Routers, high-performance, cloud-optimized platforms that enable smooth migration to 400G while delivering the bandwidth, flexibility and maturity that comes with Juniper’s latest generation silicon.

The PTX Series offers ultra-high port density, 400GbE support, flexible filtering and a reliable network operating system that has been powering generations of high-performance solutions.

400G technology provides Sparkle with a new level of scale. 400G optical transceiver modules deliver a lower cost-per-bit by delivering the same bandwidth in less physical space. A 400G-capable network is a key step for Tier-1 providers like Sparkle, who are grappling with relentless traffic growth.

“The 400G platform from Juniper will be a key tool in our challenge to match growing traffic demands at very competitive price-per-port in the context of premium space and power costs, without sacrificing reliability and features,” Enrico Bagnasco, Chief Technology Officer, Sparkle, said.