Telecom Italia Sparkle Group taps Ciena to upgrade submarine network

Telecom Lead America: Latin American Nautilus (LANautilus), Telecom Italia Sparkle Group Operations in the Americas, has tied up with Ciena Corporation to upgrade its submarine network.

Leveraging Ciena’s coherent 40G optical networking solutions, the network will enable LANautilus to increase its total network capacity, quadrupling the amount of information transmitted per wavelength.

Customers will benefit as the newly enhanced network will allow faster support to service provider and enterprise customers in the Caribbean, South and Central America, all the while using its existing fiber infrastructure to support growing bandwidth requirements.

LANautilus’ submarine system integrates cable stations in South, Central and North America with Telecom Italia’s Sparkle Global Backbone offering managed bandwidth, Internet/IP transit and co-location services to carrier and enterprise customers across its 30,000 km fiber optic ring.

Ciena solutions will enable LANautilus to provide its customers with 40G services along a 16,000 km stretch of its network, connecting customers in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, and St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands through Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform equipped with WaveLogic coherent optical line interfaces.

“We are now able to offer our customers high-capacity bandwidth services to support the delivery of IP, managed bandwidth, HD video and cloud computing, among other applications, at speeds that scale to 40G,” said Mario Pirro, CTO, Telecom Italia Sparkle Group.

Ciena claims that its OneControl Unified Management System will deliver management across the 6500 and Common Photonic Layer (CPL) platforms providing LANautilus with all the tools needed for efficient multi-layer service activation, assurance, SLA monitoring, and accurate management of the dynamic nature of an intelligent network.

“With Ciena’s 6500 Packet Optical Platform equipped with coherent technology and intelligent software, our customers are provided with a comprehensive and cost-effective undersea solution that enables scalable, high-speed bandwidth service delivery using existing fiber optic cables,” said Fabio Medina, vice president and general manager, Central and Latin America, Ciena.

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