ZTE conducts beyond-100G field demonstration, says 200G system is possible

Telecom Lead Asia: Chinese telecom gear make ZTE
Corporation announced it has conducted an industry first field demonstration of
a 8×216.4Gb/s WDM transmission through a 50GHz optical spectrum grid.


As per the official release, the demonstration
utilized patented ZTE high-frequency technology to accomplish a 200Gb/s
polarization multiplexing QPSK signal transmission at 50GHz through 1,750km of
standard single model fiber optic cable. This resulted in a 25 per cent
increase in spectrum efficiency and an increase in transmission efficiency.

The company said that this experiment proves a seamless
upgrade from a 100G transmission system to a 200G system is possible. ZTE
is committed to 100G and beyond-100G research. The company was the first in the
world to successfully complete a single-channel 11.2Tbit/s optical signal
transmission experiment.


The company added that a record of the demonstration was
presented at the OFC/NFOEC 2012 conference.


ZTE also added that it was the first company to release
whole-course 100G solutions in 2010. The company has completed several trial
network projects in the 100G and beyond-100G fields with the mainstream
operators from China, Germany, Russia and the United States.


 A few days back,  ZTE
announced the launch of a new U-government solution in African telecom market.


The launch was announced at the sixth Annual e-Gov Africa
Forum 2012 in Gaborone, Botswana.


ZTE’s products and solutions for government have been
deployed in more than 40 countries, including China, Chile, Egypt, Ghana,
Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria and Romania.


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