ZTE wins 70% of China Mobile’s router and switch buying, beating Huawei

ZTE has won 70 percent of China Mobile’s 2019-2020 BRAS & vBRAS router and switch (Section 4) centralized procurement — beating main rival Huawei Technologies.
ZTE US challengeTo date, China Mobile’s largest-scale data communication product centralized procurement project has come to an end.

ZTE said its vBRAS solution will help China Mobile, the largest telecom operator in the world, to increase equipment resource utilization rate, accelerate new service deployment and improve operation & maintenance (O&M) efficiency. It can also provide technical support for China Mobile’s network construction in 5GC scenarios.

China Mobile has deployed ZTE’s router ZXR10 M6000-S to serve as the high-performance forwarding device while ZTE’s pure X86 ZXR10 V6000 vBRAS product has played the role of control plane.

The cloudified control plane and the ultra-high-performance forwarding plane can effectively solve the problems of traditional BRAS devices, such as unbalanced resource utilization, long service deployment period and heavy O&M workload of distributed configuration.

China Mobile can upgrade ZTE’s ZXR10 M6000-S products deployed on the existing mobile networks to vBRAS forwarding devices by means of software, so as to fully protect customer investments.

ZTE had also grabbed 50 percent and 30 percent shares, ranking No.1 and No.2 respectively, in China Mobile’s high-end router 2T (Section 2) and high-end router 400G (Section 3) centralized procurements completed in 2019.

ZTE said it has overcome difficulties to complete the deployments of Section 2 and Section 3 devices in 5GC scenarios in major provinces and tier 1 cities in China despite the coronavirus outbreak.