Airtel presents affordable international roaming voice plans

Bharti Airtel announced the launch of affordable international roaming voice packs for pre-paid customers in India.
Airtel annual report 2017-18Airtel, India’s number one telecom operator, is offering these voice call packs for most popular travel destinations abroad.

Airtel said its phone customers will now be able to make and receive free local calls and outgoing calls to India. Customers have the option of selecting from three affordable voice calling packs.

The cost of the international roaming plan is Rs 196 for 20 minutes, Rs 296 for 40 minutes and Rs 446 for 75 minutes.

“Airtel is the first telco in the country to have designed these value offers for pre-paid customers,” Vani Venkatesh, chief marketing officer of Bharti Airtel, said.