Bharti Airtel Capex up 45% in 2011 at INR 140 billion

By Telecom Lead Team:
Wireless major Bharti Airtel Capex grew 45 percent in 2011 to INR 140 billion
from INR 96 billion in 2010.


In Q3 2011, Capex decreased
to INR 21 billion from INR 43 billion in Q3 2010.


Bharti Airtel spent INR 8
billion in Q3 2011 in India compared with INR 29 billion in Q3 2010.


African Capex was almost
steady at around INR 14 billion in Q3 2011 and Q3 2010.


For nine months ending
December 2011, Capex of Bharti Airtel grew to INR 112 billion from INR 95
billion in the same period previous year.


During the quarter ended
December 31, 2011, the company incurred a capital expenditure of Rs 1,838
million on its mobile services.


Capital expenditure on
telemedia services was of Rs 1,510 million, while Capex on digital TV services
was Rs 1,503 million during the period.


In India, Airtel has 3.3
million broadband / internet services customers as on December 31, 2011.


Airtel Sri Lanka has over
1.5 million customers with presence in all 25 administrative districts of Sri
Lanka. Airtel launched 3.5G services in major towns and have created a
nationwide distribution network
comprising of over 41,500 retailers.


Airtel Bangladesh has 4.8
million customers and offers mobile services across 64 districts of Bangladesh
with a distribution network comprising of around 78,515 retailers across the country.

Bharti Airtel posted 17.1 percent increase in consolidated income in Q3 FY
2011-12 to Rs 18,477 crore.


Bharti Airtel Q3 2011-12 income up 17% to Rs 18,477 crore

India and South Asia showed
12.1 percent revenue growth aided by improvement in realization rates. Africa
revenues grew 16.1 percent  to  $1.05 billion.


EBITDA margins for the quarter increased to 32.2 percent. Margin in Africa
improved to 26.7 percent in Q3 FY 2012 from 19.1 percent in Q3 FY 2011.


tax provisions impacted Airtel’s net income to nosedive by 22 percent to Rs
1,011 crore in Q3 2011-12 from Rs 1,303 crore in the corresponding quarter
previous fiscal.


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