Cellcom Israel names Nir Sztern the new CEO as Amos Shapira resigns after six years

Cellcom Israel announced that Nir
Sztern will be the new CEO of the company, effective January 1, 2012.

Sztern has served as the chief executive officer of Netvision (which was
recently merged into a wholly owned subsidiary of the company), since 2010.
From 2008 to 2010 he served as deputy CEO of Pelephone Communication, an
Israeli cellular operator and competitor of Cellcom Israel, and from 2002 to
2008 as Pelephone’s vice president of marketing.

Sztern is joining as the CEO as the current chief executive officer Amos
Shapira is leaving the mobile company after six years of tenure, effective December
31, 2011.

Shapira is stepping down at a time when the government is introducing more price
regulation and boosting competition in the wireless market, moves that have
sent the TA-Com index, which comprises the country’s telecommunications
companies, tumbling 24 percent in the past six months.

Nochi Dankner, IDB’s Chairman thanked Shapira on behalf of the company’s
shareholders, management and employees for his contribution to turning the
company into the leading cellular company in Israel.

“Six years ago, when IDB acquired the controlling stake in the
company, it was Shapira’s spirit which turned around the company’s position in
the market and today it is the leading company in all parameters, financial and
brand wise, with a professional and highly qualified team of employees and
managers,” said Dankner. 

Shapira has built Israel’s leading cellular brand and positioned the
company as the number one company in the Israeli cellular market, through
day-to-day efforts, unique management skills, personal charisma and the
execution of thousands, big and small, changes which made the difference.

By Telecomlead.com Team
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