Cisco launches advanced enhancements to telepresence to increase target users

After launching telepresence five years ago, Cisco announced the
introduction of new and expanded offerings.

These new offerings include value-priced endpoints and HD video software
client to a hosted solution.

Cisco is delivering people-centric
collaboration to more individuals and businesses around the world. Cisco is
expanding the community of users that can share in-person experiences with
co-workers, customers and suppliers.

“Five years ago, we saw the potential and value of TelePresence and
worked with Cisco to bring this technology to life at P&G. Today, we have
more than 80 TelePresence systems in offices around the world helping us on our
quest to become the most collaborative company in the world,” said Laurie
Heltsley, director, Global Business Services, P&G.

Cisco is introducing Cisco TelePresence for small and medium-sized
business. With this offer, customers can purchase or lease, select multipurpose
and personal endpoints and connect those endpoints to a hosted service called
Cisco TelePresence Callway, part of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud. The hosted
service reduces the complexity and costs with TelePresence which have been
hurdles to adoption for smaller businesses in the past.

“With 52 percent global market share, Cisco TelePresence has been
forging the path for new ways of working together, where everyone, everywhere
can be ‘present’ to make better and faster decisions. The next phase of
TelePresence will democratize the in-person experience for people in all sizes
and types of organizations,” said OJ Winge, senior vice president and
general manager, TelePresence Technology Group, Cisco.

The Callway service is managed by Cisco and sold through Cisco
authorized partners. Callway subscriptions start at $99 per month and include
unlimited calls to any TelePresence endpoint as well as to any standards-based
video device from third parties over the Internet. Multi-party bridging
capabilities for up to 12 participants are also available.

This offer, combined with on-premises infrastructure and trusted partnerships
with 14 service providers delivering hosted TelePresence offerings, fully
enables Cisco to deliver TelePresence solutions to companies of all sizes.
Callway is commercially available in the United States.

Cisco is expanding its portfolio of endpoints from the boardroom to the
desktop and beyond, while also integrating TelePresence offerings into Cisco’s
collaboration and video architectures.

  • Cisco
    Jabber Video for TelePresence is a HD video-calling software application
    designed to invite participants to join TelePresence calls from their
    desktop PCs, laptops or tablets. A TelePresence customer goes to a
    globally accessible website and sends an invitation so that mobile
    co-workers, customers and suppliers may quickly and easily join a
    TelePresence call for free. A global beta program for Cisco Jabber Video
    for TelePresence is targeted for the first quarter of 2012.

  • Cisco
    TelePresence MX300 is a multi-purpose, room-based TelePresence system
    designed to make it easier and more cost effective to enable deeper
    integration of TelePresence into customers’ businesses. The MX300 can be
    set up in as little as 15 minutes, easily turning any small to
    medium-sized meeting room into a nine-person TelePresence team room. The system
    offers 1080p, 30 frames per second, high-quality video at an affordable
    price. Global availability is targeted for the first quarter of 2012.

Cisco recently announced new enterprise video capabilities that broaden
the audience for video assets enabling customers to capture video from any
TelePresence endpoint across their network.

“BT with its Global Video Exchange is committed to providing
customers with a seamless, global managed Cisco TelePresence solution that
helps them to meet and accelerate their business benefits. We’re excited about
the continued innovation of Cisco TelePresence to drive new levels of unified
collaboration experiences,” said Richard Lowe, chief executive officer, BT

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