China Unicom performs well due to 4G and fixed-line business

China Unicom has reported service revenue of RMB134.4 billion (+8.3 percent), EBITDA of RMB45.7 billion (+4.9 percent) and profit of RMB5.9 billion in the first half of 2018.
China Unicom Capex H1 2018China Unicom said its capital expenditure (Capex) for the first half of the year was RMB11.6 billion – mainly focusing on 4G expansion.

China Unicom added 0.06 million 4G base stations, driving the total number of 4G base stations to 0.91 million.

FTTH ports accounted for 81 percent of the total fixed-line broadband ports. China Unicom said 4G network utilisation rate increased continuously and the percentage of FTTH subscribers to total broadband subscribers reached 79 percent.

China Unicom CEO Wang Xiaochu said: “The company built up network infrastructure resources and capability, promoting the advancement of cloud-based, intelligent, open and ubiquitous networks.”
China Unicom revenue H1 2018Mobile service revenue of China Unicom reached RMB84.3 billion (+9.7 percent). China Unicom added 17.86 million new phone customers, reaching the total number to 302 million in H1 2018.

The average revenue per user (ARPU) of mobile subscribers amounted to RMB47.9, which was largely stable compared to the full year of 2017, China Unicom said.

China Unicom added 28.23 million 4G subscribers to reach 203 million in the first half of the current year. The proportion of 4G subscribers in total mobile billing subscribers increased by 16 percentage points to over 67 percent.

The monthly average DOU per handset subscriber increased 2.2 times, while handset Internet access revenue grew 25 percent to RMB53.4 billion.
China Unicom revenue H1 2018

Fixed-line business revenue of China Unicom rose 5.5 percent to RMB49.1 billion in the first half.

China Unicom’s fixed-line broadband revenue reached RMB21.5 billion without any showing any increase from the previous period.

China Unicom added 2.38 million fixed-line broadband subscribers to reach 78.92 million. Video service subscribers accounted for over 43 percent of the fixed-line broadband subscribers, up by 10 percentage points.

China Unicom said its Industrial Internet business revenue rose 39 percent to RMB11.7 billion.