CounterPath powers Rogers users with single-number reachability by talk and text on mobile or computers

Telecom Lead Team:
CounterPath has inked an agreement with Rogers
Communications to let Canadians use their wireless numbers to enable
single-number reachability by talk and text whether they are using their mobile
devices or computers.

service offering from Rogers is unprecedented and the first of its kind in
Canada, enabling Rogers to stand out in the competitive Canadian telecom

Rogers One Number, eligible Rogers wireless customers now have the following

inbox and contact list: Users can create and manage contact lists that are
automatically synched between your computer and mobile phone. With Rogers One
Number, users now have email and text messages in one unified inbox on your

and send texts to Canadian numbers from computer, without deducting from
wireless plan: Seamlessly switch calls between computer and wireless device.
Customers can begin their conversation on their mobile phones and transfer the
call to their computer when they arrive home.

your computer to call any Canadian number, from anywhere for free with your
existing Rogers wireless plan: You can call any Canadian number and send
outgoing text messages to Canadian wireless numbers from your computer, at no
additional charge. Users can video chat with other Rogers One Number users.

enables this flexibility and ease of use by using industry standards to ensure
interoperability, reliability, security and quality across a variety of wired
and wireless networks and operating systems. CounterPath’s portfolio of
carrier- and enterprise-grade solutions enables customers to develop
innovative, revenue-generating services.

providers worldwide know that their customers want a convenient, cost-effective
way to stay in touch across multiple devices and networks, leveraging a single
phone number,” said Donovan Jones, President and CEO, CounterPath.

are increasingly communicating across a number of platforms and screens in
today’s mobile, device-driven world. We see consumers increasingly gravitating
toward a single number as a key enabler of unified communication and digital
identity in the future,” said Colin Gibbs, senior curator and analyst at

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