Deutsche Telekom wins Innovation Leaders 2019 award

Deutsche Telekom has received the Innovation Leaders 2019 award for showing its business innovation for tapping enterprises with the latest 5G technologies.
Deutsche Telecom winners of Innovation Leaders 2019 award
Deutsche Telekom’s 5G team has a strong roadmap in place to work with leading companies to offer 5G services in Germany. In contrast, several 5G mobile operators globally are still trying to rely on retail mobile phone customers to enhance their revenue. Deutsche Telekom has also revealed the 5G use cases and achievements from its partnership with select enterprises.

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Ahead of making its clients digital enterprises, Deutsche Telekom will be adding around 300 5G antennas by the end of the year.

Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Hottges believes that 5G will secure the technological lead of the German industry in the long term. The mobile operator wants to make Germany a 5G pioneer for industrial applications.

Deutsche Telekom will be making investment in innovative technologies such as Edge Computing to ensure that 5G is more powerful in the production industry and support the growth of the Industry 4.0. revolution in Germany.

For instance, automobile major Audi and Deutsche Telekom are entering into a 5G technology partnership together with the city of Ingolstadt. The objective is to use the 5G technology to make urban mobility safer, more digital and more sustainable.

Deutsche Telekom aims to integrate existing technologies into the 5G infrastructure to enhance its 5G enterprise offerings. Deutsche Telekom is also working with partners such as EK Automation, Konica Minolta and Endress+Hauser.

Technicians at EK Automation, a manufacturer of automated guided vehicle systems, have equipped transport robots with 3D cameras. They integrated a 3D obstacle detection with dynamic route planning into the Edge Cloud. The transport robot sends the 3D camera images to the cloud for analysis in real time via the Telekom 5G network. This enabled the vehicle to avoid obstacles placed in the roadway.

Konica Minolta is developing its AIRe Lens. The augmented reality glass helps technicians to assemble machines. It shows instructions on the display. The technician can show the situation to an expert at a remote location. AIRe Lens will deliver data directly via Deutsche Telekom’s 5G network in Germany and  increase the speed and quality of manufacturing.

Endress+Hauser will equip its sensors with mobile radio modules. Deutsche Telekom’s 5G will transmit process and device data in real time making industrial processes more efficient.