Ericsson Response to support SingTel’s disaster relief efforts

Ericsson and Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) announced a partnership to provide emergency communications services to support disaster relief efforts in South and Southeast Asia through Ericsson Response.

SingTel will provide satellite services for emergency communication.

SingTel’s regional associates – Airtel, AIS, Globe, Telkomsel  and Warid – to provide local resources to assist in disaster relief efforts.

This is a world’s first operator partnership for Ericsson Response.

Ericsson Response will establish essential mobile communications to support humanitarian agencies and other partners in carrying out their humanitarian and natural disaster relief work. Ericsson Response works in collaboration with several organizations such as the United Nations (UN) to meet their communication needs.

SingTel will provide satellite services from countries where its regional mobile associates operate. In addition, the SingTel Group’s associates, Advanced Info Service (Thailand), Bharti Airtel (India), Globe Telecom (Philippines), Telkomsel (Indonesia) and Warid (Pakistan) will provide local resources to assist Ericsson Response’s relief efforts. This will allow for faster deployment of emergency communications services in the event of disaster.

This partnership supports the SingTel Group’s corporate social responsibility regional disaster relief efforts, which include financial assistance, community rebuilding support and communication support for relief workers, in countries the Group operates in.

“In collaboration with our regional mobile associates and Ericsson, we hope this partnership will help mitigate the effects of disasters in the region and make a difference to the communities in which the SingTel Group operates,” said Hui Weng Cheong, CEO of SingTel International.

The SingTel Group is one of Ericsson’s most important global customers and we are honored to be their partner for their corporate social responsibility undertaking in South and Southeast Asia. We welcome this opportunity, together with the SingTel Group, to support humanitarian operations and the citizens of the region with standby disaster communication services, should the need arise,” said Rima Qureshi, senior vice president of Ericsson Group and Head of Ericsson Response.

Since Ericsson Response was founded in April 2000, hundreds of Ericsson employees worldwide have volunteered, trained and deployed in 40 disaster relief operations in 30 countries.

In Southeast Asia, Ericsson Response has already supported projects in Vietnam, Indonesia and Pakistan. The team was called on following the Asian Tsunami of 2004.

Other countries where the initiative has been deployed include Haiti, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Iran, Panama, Sudan, the US, Turkey, Kosovo and Lebanon.

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