How Telefonica performed in UK, Brazil, Spain and Germany

The latest financial report from Telefonica indicates the performance in several countries such as Spain, Germany, Brazil and the UK.
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Telefonica Spain

Telefonica Spain had 41.6 million total subscribers during the first quarter of 2020 without showing any growth.

Fibre connections grew 9 percent as Telefonica Spain added 68,000 fiber customers in the quarter, accounting for 73 percent of total broadband accesses.

Mobile contract connections rose 3 percent as it added 51,000 connections in the first quarter. Fixed broadband connections declined 1 percent as it lost 38,000. Pay TV connections fell 2 percent as it lost 41,000.

Telefonica Spain’s fibre connections reached 6.7 million, posting growth of 16 percent. Fiber coverage reached over 23.4 million premises as Telefonica Spain covered 289,000 premises during the quarter.

Telefonica Spain reported 1.6 percent drop in revenues to €3.078 billion in the first quarter. Telefonica Spain’s Capex fell 9.5 percent to €344 million in January to March, primarily due to lower wholesale connections and the increase in self-provisioned ones, despite the investment in fibre deployment.

Telefonica Germany

Telefonica Germany added 188,000 contract mobile connections reaching the customer base to 22.7 million, mainly driven by the good performance of the O2 Free tariff portfolio and solid partner trading.

Telefonica Germany said the average data usage by O2 Free customers reached 7 GB per month in Q1.

Fixed broadband connections grew 5 percent to 2.2 million as it added 25,000 connections in Q1 on the back of 12 percent increase in VDSL demand to 1.7 million.

Telefonica Germany reported 3.8 percent growth in revenues to €1.846 billion. The growth was mainly supported by ARPU-accretive effects on mobile service revenues from the well-received O2 Free portfolio.

Telefonica Germany’s Capex fell 11.1 percent to €224 million as the company focused on 4G LTE rollout while preparing for a ramp-up of 5G.

Telefonica UK

Telefonica UK said its mobile connections grew 6 percent to 34.8 million, remaining the UK’s largest mobile network operator.

Telefonica UK has added 20,000 contract connections driven by success of propositions across all segments. Prepay accesses decreased by 237k in Q1, reflecting market trends. M2M accesses grew by 437k driven by IoT contracts.

Telefonica UK reported 1.5 percent rise in revenues to €1.739 billion in Q1 mainly due to higher value handset revenues and continued growth in SMIP and MVNO revenues.

Telefonica UK’s Capex increased 17.8 percent to €221 million in Q1 20, primarily as a result of investments in network capacity in 4G and 5G networks.

Telefonica Brasil

Telefonica Brasil added 235,000 new connections thanks to the continuous improvement of the value proposition while keeping churn at 1.5 percent. FTTH premises passed rose to 11.7 million.

Telefonica Brasil reported 1.4 percent drop in revenue to €2.215 billion mainly due to 38.7 percent reduction in DTH revenues and 18.9 percent decrease in fixed voice business during the first quarter of 2020.

Capex of Telefonica Brasil for January-March fell 2.8 percent to €337 million. Telefonica Brasil said its FTTH reached 22 new cities in the last twelve months. Telefonica Brasil’s 4G network coverage reached 1,998 cities.