Idea Cellular CTO Anil Tandon says 100G network will address future data growth

Telecom Lead Asia: Idea Cellular CTO Anil Tandon on Friday said its 100G DWDM system with OTN based ASON in backbone optical network will enable the mobile service provider to address the data explosion in coming years.

“Idea has always been leading in new technologies’ deployment and this is one more example of the same,” said Idea Cellular CTO.

Huawei has assisted Idea Cellular to deploy the 100G DWDM network to enhance its optical backbone capacity. The Huawei equipment supports 80 channels with capacity of each channel as 100G at spacing of 50GHz. The network provides switching at right level for high speed traffic.

Idea Cellular recently said its data volume expanded by 13.8 percent to 11.4 billion MB (10 billion MB in Q3 FY 2013) and data realized rate improved by 9.5 percent to 33.9p per MB in Q4 FY 2013. Thanks to 3G and data revenue, Idea Cellular has posted 14.92 percent increase in FY 2013 revenue to Rs 22,457 crore against Rs 19,411 crore in FY 2012.

Idea Cellular’s optical transport network is compatible with TDM traffic and future oriented high speed data traffic.

As part of phase-II of optical back bone network in 2013, Idea has deployed 100G DWDM system, benefiting over 10G or 40G. The DWDM equipment supplied by Huawei support 80 channels hence now the backbone network is ready with 8 Tb/s transport capacity.

This is the first commercial deployment of 100G based DWDM network in India and the first deployment of OTN based Automatic Switch Optical Network (ASON) for 100G DWDM network, in the world.

“Huawei’s 100G solution uses technologies such as coherent WDM, HD-FEC, ASON and OTN. This DWDM network gives high performance for ultra-long-haul 100G transmission, and ASON technology makes backbone network intelligent and resilient to multiple fiber cuts,” said by Chandan Kumar, deputy director of Huawei’s Fixed Network solutions sales.


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