KDDI achieves growth in mobile and FTTH subscribers

KDDI has achieved significant growth in mobile phone subscribers and FTTH subscribers during the June quarter of 2019.
KDDI 5G roadmap      KDDI’s au subscriptions rose to 56.368 million in June quarter from 55.225 million in March quarter. KDDI is targeting to achieve 57.3 au subscriptions by March 2020.

UQ WiMAX connections increased from 32.768 million in March 2019 to 33.336 million in June 2019.

KDDI’s FTTH connections increased from 4.508 million to 4.555 million. KDDI is targeting 4.6 million FTTH connections by March 2020.

KDDI has revealed the company’s 5G roadmap. KDDI, according to the 5G roadmap, will launch pre-5G network in 2020, 4G+5G (non-standalone 5G) in 2021 and 5G (standalone 5G) in 2022.

KDDI and rival SoftBank have already announced their decision to conduct 5G trials jointly in rural areas of Japan.

KDDI said its operating revenue rose 2 percent to 1,246,101 million yen during the three-month period ended June 30, 2019. This reflected increases in revenue due to the expansion of mobile telecommunication fees, the energy business to maximize the “au Economic Zone”, commerce business, the settlement business, and the finance business.

Operating income decreased 11.4 percent to 255,800 million yen, mainly due to an increase in selling, general and administrative costs and a decrease in gross profit from handset sales, despite an increase in sales.

KDDI’s profit fell 9.0 percent to 162,553 million yen mainly due to the decrease in operating income.