Level 3 launches managed session border controller for enterprises


Level 3 Communications announced the launch of a new
service for enterprise customers, Managed Session Border Controller (SBC),
which enhances network security and provides traffic normalization as
enterprises unlock the cost efficiency and scalability of IP voice technology.


The new service is being offered in conjunction with
Level 3 Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunking using an Acme Packet Net-Net
SBC, enabling enterprises to get the protection they need with the added
benefits of increased interoperability, quality-of-service management and
detailed reporting.


“Effectively, our new service establishes a
‘security guard’ at the border of a customer’s IP network that protects against
attacks, translates between different communications protocols and helps ensure
network traffic efficiency,” said Sara Baack, senior vice president of Voice
Services for Level 3


Working with Acme Packet, a leader in the enterprise SBC
market, enables us to further differentiate our SIP trunking solution and offer
our enterprise customers a secure, dependable and comprehensive solution in an
increasingly interconnected and competitive global marketplace,” Baack


As enterprises continue to adopt IT strategies that
mobilize their workforces and improve organizational productivity, it is crucial
for them to leverage solutions that facilitate converged communications while
simultaneously improving core network functionality and security.


By combining Internet and voice services over IP
networks, SIP trunking is the perfect launching point for enterprises to
realize the benefits of converged network services and ultimately business
strategies that capitalize on unified communications.


“Level 3’s Managed SBC service offers customers an
outsourced SBC option with all the control, security and interoperability
benefits of an Acme Packet Net-Net SBC,” said Dino Di Palma, senior vice
president of Worldwide Sales and Business Development at Acme Packet.


Level 3’s new Managed SBC solution offers enterprises the
ability to protect their SIP trunking services, applications and infrastructure
from a variety of threats to minimize denial-of-service (DoS) interruption.


The solution also improves interoperability between
legacy voice systems and IP assets so that they work together to ensure a
seamless end-user experience. Level 3’s IP infrastructure enables enterprises
to converge voice, video and data services to improve application collaboration
and network efficiency, while the new managed SBC solution facilitates quick
and easy scalability for SIP trunking services as network demand increases.


Level 3 Communications recently announced that it has

significant steps toward decreasing its carbon footprint by relying on
renewable energy for commercial power at three European data centre facilities.


Level 3’s colocation facility in Amsterdam and two
colocation facilities in London rely 100 percent on green energy for commercial


By Telecomlead.com Team
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