MTS reveals revenue, Capex, strategies in 2017

MTS Russia retailRussian telecom operator MTS has revealed the company’s revenue growth, profit and Capex (capital expenditure) in 2017.

MTS revenue was RUB 116.8 billion (+4.7 percent) in Q4 and RUB 442.9 billion (+1.7 percent) in 2017.

MTS posted operating profit of RUB 23 billion (+7.2 percent) in Q4 and RUB 96.1 (+9.6 percent) in 2017.

Capex of MTS fell 8.5 percent to RUB 76.4 billion.

Alexey Kornya, president and chief executive officer, MTS, said: “We witnessed increased data adoption and a strong surge in data usage, showing our focus on increasing customer engagement and rising ARPU.”

MTS strategies

MTS is aiming at digital transformation by expanding in new directions beyond traditional telecom services.

MTS Money Wallet, which had over 4.3 million users in 2017, entered the retail investment market and acquired majority stake in a retail software developer LiteBox to provide cloud-based cash management solutions.

MTS entered markets for gaming, event e-ticketing markets, opened IoT Lab and enhanced digital communications with customers.