NCR unveils SIM card solution for telecom companies in Middle East and Africa





NCR Corporation launched the NCR SelfServ Bill Pay Kiosk hardware, software and managed services payment solution with SIM card dispensing in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region to meet the needs of fast-growing telecoms companies.





The self-service solution enables consumers to quickly and easily purchase SIM cards, top up pre-paid mobiles and pay bills by cash, credit or debit card. Major telecom providers in the Middle East are already using the solution.





The self-service solution can help telecom operators capture more market share by enabling their in-store staff to focus on helping consumers with more complex questions about new products or services, rather than dealing with payment transactions.





The kiosks are also ideally suited to offsite shopping malls, airports or railway stations, offering anytime, anywhere convenience for consumers.





NCR has designed the solution to meet the specific market needs in MEA, where consumers are increasingly buying multiple SIM cards for different pricing plans or personal and business calls.





One in ten mobile phones sold in the region are now dual SIM on average, according to GfK, a market research company, and triple SIM card devices are being launched.





NCR also anticipates demand from tourists or migrant workers who opt to buy SIM cards for unlocked” phones to be able to make calls when they are abroad rather than incurring expensive voice and data roaming charges from their home network operators.





NCR is responding to the strategic challenges of telecoms providers in the Middle East and Africa, who operate in one of the fastest growing and competitive markets in the world,” said Nadine Routhier, vice president, NCR Telecom & Technology.





By delivering innovation to meet local market needs NCR is helping operators transform their businesses by increasing productivity while offering customers a choice and flexibility of channel, resulting in an improved customer experience.





NCR’s software can vend SIM cards to any consumer or only those who have presented their proof of identity at a store and have an account with the mobile operator, according to local legal requirements.





It also takes into account any regulatory policy limiting the number of SIM cards registered under individual customers’ names if required.





Telecom operators can optimize their return on investment in the kiosks with NCR’s managed services. NCR offers a complete portfolio of support services designed to increase availability and enhance consumer interactions while improving operational efficiency such as remote system monitoring and 24/7 help desk support.





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