O2 Secure Wireless signs JV with a private investment group for tower facilities

Telecom Lead America: O2 Secure Wireless announced its joint venture agreement with a private investment group from Texas.

This JV will execute on a long-standing initiative to build out and develop O2 Secure Wireless tower facilities.

The joint venture will develop leased wireless tower facilities and acquire additional wireless facilities.

O2 is currently examining the overall project plan of this effort and is determining which tower sites to begin with and the start date thereof.

The first year potential income to O2 is estimated at $2.5 million, given the current climate utilizing the proposed investment schedule.

“We are pleased to have this funding agreement to facilitate the construction of the tower sites we have already leased. It will allow the company to expand to other sites that we have not been able to secure without the proper capital structuring being in place,” said Val Kazia, CEO of O2 Secure Wireless.

O2 Secure Wireless is developing numerous wireless tower facilities in the U.S. O2 Secure Wireless is also instrumental in the development of wireless broadband communication services domestically.

Under a recent merger with Earthcom Service, the Company is being structured to provide affordable flat rate pre-paid wireless services in developing countries internationally, specifically the Dominican Republic.

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