Orange achieves ARPU growth despite slashing Capex

Orange Group has revealed that its Capex decreased 4.9 percent to €1,493 million in the first quarter of 2023.
Orange CEO Christel HeydemannOrange has set a target of achieving a significant reduction in Capex in 2023.

Orange did not reveal its achievement in 5G network coverage.

Orange said the number of households connectable to FTTH reached 66.6 million (+13.8 percent) and the FTTH customer base increased to 14.2 million (+15.1 percent).

Orange has 11.6 million (+0.6 percent) convergent customers across Europe, 243.4 million (+5.0 percent) mobile customers, including 95.8 million contracts (+8.5 percent). 45 million (–2.7 percent) fixed services customers, including 14.7 million (+14.7 percent) high-speed broadband users.

Orange said convergent ARPO rose 2.2 percent to €72 in France, 3.5 percent in Spain, and 3.2 percent in mobile ARPU in Africa and Middle East.

Orange Group revenues grew 1.3 percent €10.619 billion thanks to 2.8 percent or €219 million growth in retail services fueled in particular by re-pricing in Europe and by the growth driver Africa and Middle East.

Orange has generated Q1 revenue of €4.307 billion (–1.8 percent) from France, €2.739 billion (+3.8 percent) from Europe, €1.699 billion (+9.1 percent) from Africa and Middle East and €1.951 billion (–0.7 percent) from Enterprise.

Christel Heydemann, Chief Executive Officer of the Orange group, said: “The increase in revenues and EBITDAaL, as well as the decrease in Capex compared to Q1 2022, are in line with our objectives for 2023 and reinforce our ambition for the years to come.”

Orange, which operates in 26 countries, has started to execute Lead the Future strategic plan with an even more value-oriented commercial strategy thanks to the quality of our networks and services which, combined with our cost controls, allow us to partially offset inflation.

Orange plans to combine its Spanish operations with MasMovil in an €18.6 billion deal.

Orange also has a turnaround plan for its enterprise business, which offers voice, data and IT consulting services. As part of this, Orange said it has started talks with trade unions on about 670 voluntary departures in France.