SK Telecom deploys 26,000 units of 2.1GHz base stations

SK Telecom today said it deployed 26,000 units of 2.1GHz base stations till March 2015. It is also providing tri-band LTE-A service in 85 cities, including Seoul and six other metropolitan cities.

SK Telecom said its Q1 2015 revenue increased 0.9 percent to KRW 4.240 trillion – mainly due to elimination of sign-up fees and decreased network interconnection revenue on account of the interconnection fee reduction.

SK Telecom
The number of LTE 4G subscribers of SK Telecom reached 17.45 million, accounting for over 61 percent of its total mobile subscriber base in Korea.

The operating income rose 59.5 percent year on year and fell 17.8 percent quarter-on-quarter due to increased marketing expenses, including abolition of sign-up fees, added membership benefits and increased support for customers who switch their mobile device.

Net income of SK Telecom rose 65.6 percent year on year and decreased 12 percent quarter on quarter to KRW 442.7 billion.

Baburajan K
[email protected]