Sprint surprises users with a new wireless offer

Sprint Wireless PlansAmerican wireless major Sprint today announced unlimited data, talk and text at $20 per month / line as part of Black Friday offer.

Sprint’s Black Friday offer will be available from 23 November to December 1. Sprint, a SoftBank company, has termed this as the boldest offer in wireless history. Sprint is behind telecom majors AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in the American wireless market.

Wireless customers can sign up for unlimited freedom and receive their third, fourth and fifth lines of unlimited data, talk and text for free. A family of five can use mobile data for social media, music and video streaming without worrying about their monthly data allotment and overage charges, said Sprint.

When customers switch at least one line to Sprint and sign up for Unlimited Freedom with AutoPay, they get unlimited data, talk and text starting at $20 per month/line for a family of five until Jan. 31, 2018.

“We’re giving customers the 3rd, 4th and 5th wireless lines free. That’s $20 per month per line for a family of five. Five lines for $100,” said Roger Solé, Sprint chief marketing officer.

How to save

Verizon customers who switch to Sprint can save up to $450 on five lines of service with unlimited talk, text and data. Sprint claims that Verizon customers do not have any unlimited data plan.

AT&T customers on family plan can save up to $120 / month when they switch to Sprint.

T-Mobile customers can save $60 on unlimited plan for a family of five.

For one line of service, customers pay $60/month; for two lines, $100/month; and the third, fourth and fifth lines are free through 31 January 2018. Then customers pay the additional $30 per month for those lines.

With Unlimited Freedom, customers no longer need to worry about running out of data or surprise overage charges.

Sprint’s analysis of drive test data from Nielsen – covering the top 106 metropolitan markets in the U.S. – shows that Sprint’s network reliability is now within 1% of Verizon and AT&T plus better than T-Mobile.