Swisscom offers 2.6% hike in salary for 2023

Telecom operator Swisscom said it is set to increase salaries by 2.6 percent in 2023. Swisscom had 15,750 employees in Switzerland alone in 2022.

The decision to hike salary to its employees follows the salary negotiations between Swisscom and its social partners, the trade union syndicom and the staff association transfair.
Swisscom employee salary
The salary increase of 2.6 percent will take effect from 1 April 2023 for the 10,000 Swisscom employees subject to the collective employment agreement. Most employees will receive a general salary increase to account for inflation.

The amount will vary depending on their position in the salary band. Another part of the sum is earmarked for individual salary increases. Employees whose salary is above the salary range will receive a one-off payment.

Klementina Pejic, Head of Group Human Resources, Swisscom, said: “In 2022, Swisscom employees showed great commitment to our customers and to Swisscom. We have achieved excellent results. We express our sincere thanks for this with this year’s salary agreement, which takes inflation into account.”