T-Mobile Netherlands to invest in improving delivery of mobile services

T-Mobile NetherlandsTelecom network operator T-Mobile Netherlands, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, has decided to make investment in improving the management and delivery of its mobile services.

T-Mobile, which has 3.8 million customers in Netherlands, will deploy NetCracker’s Product Management solution including Product Catalog and Product Lifecycle Management components.

T-Mobile Netherlands will utilize centralized product catalog and sophisticated product management capabilities to consolidate and support easy access to all product information. T-Mobile Netherlands will also simplify the management of products across their lifecycles.

“A centralized view into our products and the use of a single platform to manage their lifecycles will help us improve internal operations and collaboration, and introduce new opportunities to maximize customer experience by giving our end users what they want, when and how they want it,” said Jeroen Van Der Sman, manager – Solution Design at T-Mobile Netherlands.

NetCracker said its OSS-BSS solution will assist T-Mobile Netherlands to replace out-of-date, built-to-order systems with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and reduce technical complexity and experience agility across its product lifecycle and management functions.

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