Huawei shines in smartphone market beating Apple, Samsung

Research firms Strategy Analytics and IDC have revealed that the global smartphone market volume dropped in the first quarter of 2019.
Smartphone market growth Q1 2019 IDC report
The latest Strategy Analytics report said global smartphone shipments fell 4 percent annually to reach 330 million units in Q1 2019.

IDC report said smartphone shipment volumes fell 6.6 percent to 310.8 million units, which marked the sixth consecutive quarter of decline.

In 2018, smartphone shipments dropped 4.1 percent. In Q1 2018, smartphone shipment dipped 3.5 percent.

The highlight of the smartphone market in Q1 was the performance of Huawei in China and other global telecom markets.

Smartphone volumes declined 15 percent during the quarter in the US market as replacement rates continue to slow.

“The pending arrival of 5G handsets could have consumers waiting until both the networks and devices are ready for prime time in 2020,” Anthony Scarsella, research manager with IDC, said.

Linda Sui, director at Strategy Analytics, said: “Smartphone shipments are finally showing signs of stabilizing, due to relatively improved demand in major markets like China. The outlook for later this year is improving.”

How Huawei performed?

Huawei, the #2 player in the smartphone market, is now within striking distance of Samsung at the top of the global market.
Huawei phone campaign in ChinaHuawei moved its way into a clear number two spot as the only smartphone vendor at the top of the market that saw volumes grow. Huawei achieved growth of 50.3 percent with volumes of 59.1 million units and 19 percent market share.

Huawei surged 50 percent and outgrew all rivals to ship 59.1 million smartphones up from 39.3 million in Q1 2018. Huawei captured 18 percent global smartphone market share in Q1 2019.

“Huawei is closing in on Samsung and streaking ahead of Apple, due to its strong presence across China, Western Europe and Africa,” Neil Mawston, executive director at Strategy Analytics, said.

Samsung’s smartphone shipments reached 71.8 million for 21.7 percent share followed by Huawei with 59.1 million for 17.9 percent share, Apple with 43.1 million for 13 percent share, Xiaomi with 27.5 million for 8.3 percent share and OPPO with 25.4 million for 7.7 percent share, Strategy Analytics said.

The IDC report said Samsung’s smartphone shipments reached 71.9 million for 23.1 percent share followed by Huawei with 59.1 million for 19 percent share, Apple with 36.4 million for 11.7 percent share, Xiaomi with 25 million for 8 percent share, Vivo with 23.2 million for 7.5 percent share and OPPO with 23.1 million for 7.4 percent share.

Baburajan K