IoT deployment statistics for 2015 released by ITU

IoT chart by ITU
ITU has released a chart indicating the penetration of IoT in 2015.

There were 22 mobile cellular subscriptions for each machine-to-machine (M2M) subscription worldwide at the beginning of 2015.

ITU says the countries with the highest M2M penetration rates are highly industrialized, advanced economies, including the Northern European countries.

Sweden, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, France, Denmark and United States have the largest IoT penetration.

By early 2016, total international Internet bandwidth had reached 185,000 Gbit/s, up from 30,000 in 2008. Africa has the lowest international connectivity of all regions: there is twice as much bandwidth per inhabitant available in Asia Pacific, four times as much in the CIS region, eight times as much in the Americas and more than twenty times as much in Europe. Lack of international connectivity is a major bottleneck in the Internet infrastructure of least developed countries, said ITU.