Tablet processor market: Intel and Qualcomm gain

Intel and Qualcomm have gained share in the global tablet Applications Processor (AP) market Q1 2018, said Strategy Analytics.
Q1 2018 tablet AP market share
Intel has capitalised on the growth of Windows tablets while Qualcomm gained share with its cellular tablet AP line up.

Shipment of tablets based on Microsoft Windows dropped 2 percent to 5.8 million units in Q2 2018 from 5.9 million in Q2 2017. Shipments increased 1 percent from the previous quarter due to demand from school and enterprise segments.

Samsung and HiSilicon have also achieved growth in their tablet AP shipments in the first quarter due to increase in in-house sourcing.

The global tablet AP market fell 6 percent to $445 million in the first three months of 2018, according to Strategy Analytics Handset Component Technologies service report.

Apple, Intel, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung LSI captured the top-five revenue share spots in the tablet AP market in Q1 2018.

Apple is the leader in tablet AP market with 36 percent revenue share. Intel has 20 percent share in the global tablet AP market. Qualcomm’s tablet AP market share was 17 percent, said the report.

Intel capitalised on Windows ecosystem in tablets and convertibles. Qualcomm gained share with its cellular tablet AP line up.

“This year will present the real test of how effective Qualcomm’s focus on cellular integrated products will be in the Windows ecosystem. The company has the potential to expand the ARM-based chip market in Windows tablets,” Sravan Kundojjala, associate director, Strategy Analytics, said.

“Both Samsung and HiSilicon focus on the cellular tablet AP segment, a segment that grew faster than the non-cellular tablet AP segment,” said Stuart Robinson, executive director of Strategy Analytics.

Earlier, Strategy Analytics said the gobal tablet market fell 6 percent to 40.9 million units in Q2 2018 as demand for Android Slates took a beating. Apple, Huawei, and Microsoft have 40 percent market share.