STC demos 4.5G technologies to offer 1.59 Gbps speed

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has demonstrated the 4.5G (TDD+) technologies.

The achievement will enable STC network to deliver user throughput, exceeding 1.59 Gbps, as part of its 4.5G network development.

Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei supported STC for the 4.5G demo in the Middle East.

STC 4G network has already achieved growth in data traffic, in the number of LTE subscribers and utilization of the network.

“We look forward to realizing the real value of this achievement in the STC network and as a direct benefit to the User. These remarkable successes and achievements will ensure STC’s position as a leader in technology in the Middle East and beyond. This will open the way for the network market to seek even higher throughputs and better service,” said Nasser Al Nasser, SVP for Technology & Operations, STC.

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