KPN Reveals Capex, 5G Network and FTTH Achievements

KPN, the Netherlands’ leading telecom operator, has unveiled its achievements for the year 2023 and outlined its strategic focus for the upcoming year in its recently published Integrated Annual Report 2023: Connected Growth.
KPN mobile networkThroughout the report, KPN highlighted the resilience of its networks in handling the substantial surge in data traffic growth, affirming their readiness to support future demands. Collaborating with Glaspoort, KPN expanded its fiber footprint, passing a record-breaking 725,000 homes in 2023, thereby activating both existing and new customers to its services.

KPN said the number of FTTH households has reached 4.26 million in 2023 against 3.71 million in 2022 and 3.34 million in 2021.

KPN’s 5G-ready sites has reached 5,319 in 2023 against 5,072 in 2022 and 4,000 in 2021. KPN said the average maximum download speed broadband fixed per year-end reached 902Mbps in 2023 against 484Mbps in 2022 and 446Mbps in 2022.

KPN has also achieved 5G download speed mobile network per year-end of 189Mbps in 2023 against 189Mbps in 2022 and 207Mbps in 2021.

Energy consumed By KPN was 1.869 in 2023 against 2.036 in 2022 and 2.156 in 2021. Estimated energy consumption saving by KPN customers touched 3.847 in 2023 against 3.455 in 6.588 2022.

KPN’s capital expenditure or Capex reached €1.248 billion in 2023 against €1.206 billion in 2022 and €1.216 billion in 2021.

KPN recorded revenue of €5.448 billion in 2023 against €5.315 billion in 2022 and €5.255 billion in 2021.

Presently, KPN’s fiber footprint blankets 57 percent of the Netherlands, with a commitment to connect 80 percent of the nation to fiber by 2026. Concurrently, efforts are underway to phase out outdated networks and IT systems.

Moreover, KPN’s mobile network sites underwent comprehensive upgrades, with a shift towards innovative solutions leveraging this infrastructure, in collaboration with other industry innovators. Anticipating the impending 3.5 GHz spectrum auction, slated before summer 2024, KPN is gearing up to capitalize on the capabilities of the 5G network.

Joost Farwerck, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Management of KPN, emphasized the company’s aspirations, stating, “We aim to solidify our position as the #1 internet company in the Netherlands, lead in mobile revenue market share, and be the preferred partner for digital services and innovations.”

In terms of environmental sustainability, KPN is actively pursuing a greener future by prioritizing energy efficiency and circularity. The company assists customers in adopting sustainable practices through hybrid working, digitalization, and smart, predominantly cloud-based, solutions.

Looking ahead, KPN envisions its customers accessing the internet via a sustainable, efficient network powered by green energy. Plans include sourcing a significant portion of this energy from a new wind farm off the Dutch coast, with the goal of halving actual electricity consumption by 2030 compared to 2010 levels. Additionally, KPN aims to achieve net zero emissions in its value chain by 2040.

Financially, KPN reported a capital expenditure of €1.248 billion in 2023, with revenue totaling €5.448 billion, marking an upward trajectory from the previous years.

KPN’s strides in 2023 were underscored by key metrics, including the expansion of FTTH households to 4.26 million, a rise in 5G-ready sites to 5,319, and significant increases in broadband and mobile network speeds. Moreover, energy consumption reduction initiatives resulted in substantial savings for both KPN and its customers.

Baburajan Kizhakedath