Zain launches voice-over 5G services in Kuwait

Zain announced the launch of voice over 5G services, becoming the first telecom operator globally to launch Vo5G with nationwide coverage in Kuwait.
Zain 5G businessSamsung Galaxy S22 5G smartphone supports Vo5G services.

The commercial launch of this service comes after Zain has completed extensive tests to assess the readiness of its network and its technical capabilities to operate this service at the highest quality on a nationwide level.

Vo5G is currently available on the all-new Samsung S22 lineup and is activated for customers without any additional cost. The service will also be available on all compatible future devices. Voice over 5G offers users a practical solution with unique technical capabilities, allowing them to enjoy the fastest telecommunications experience with flexibility and quality.

Vo5G allows users to enjoy using the internet, streaming services, and data-hungry apps while making voice calls with the consistent and ultra-fast speeds of 5G. The service offers a great solution for users who heavily depend on data services, as they will not have to end phone calls to get back to the best internet experience anymore.

The voice over 5G service is hosted on Zain’s standalone 5G network, which the company deployed earlier this year.

In June 2019, Zain became the first mobile network operator to offer 5G technology in the GCC region via the Kuwaiti market with nationwide coverage of all areas. The company succeeded in designing the first integrated network for 5G services built on a world-class infrastructure, transforming the telecom sector across the country.