SK Telecom 5G pricing

5G race heats up between US and South Korea

The debate to claim the top position in 5G race – among South Korea’s SK Telecom and rivals and US telecom giants AT&T and...
SK Telecom 5G goes live on Samsung phones

5G pricing and technology lessons from South Korea

South Korea will become the first country to launch 5G mobile services on Friday when SK Telecom customers will access 5G network on Samsung...
China Mobile Capex for 2019

China Mobile reveals cost control and Capex achievements

China Mobile boasts 60 percent share in mobile subscribers and 52 percent share in mobile service revenues in 2018. China Mobile has achieved 13.2 percent...
5G Capex forecast by TBR

Why 5G Capex does not challenge telecom operators?

Technology Business Review has released the latest 5G report indicating the Capex forecast for 2019, 2020 and 2021 will not be challenging for telecom...
Rakuten Mobile Network CTO Tareq Amin

Rakuten CTO Tareq Amin on innovations in network architecture

Rakuten Mobile Network, the fourth telecom operator in Japan, has revealed its main tech partners for running the network. Rakuten is trying to bring out...
Deutsche Telekom Access 4.0 plans

Deutsche Telekom reveals progress of Access 4.0 strategy

Deutsche Telekom, a telecom operator with $86 billion revenue and $14 billion Capex, has revealed the progress with the Access 4.0 program that can...
India 5G market forecast by GSMA

India misses 5G momentum as 4G user base reaches 432 million

Mobile World Congress (MWC 2019) will discuss about the latest 5G deployments in several countries. But India will be a silent spectator this time...
Vodafone connecting all

Vodafone and Idea data network have several coverage gaps: Tutela

A report, published by Tutela, a mobile quality measurement company, has revealed that Vodafone and Idea Cellular data networks have several coverage gaps –...
Samsung revenue in recent years

Samsung network business aims to capitalize from Huawei issues

Samsung Electronics, the fifth largest telecom network maker, is aiming to capitalize on the security allegations against China’s Huawei, Reuters reported. Revenue contribution of telecom...
Axiata Capex 2018

Capital spending trends at Axiata group companies

The capital spending of Axiata at RM 4.249 billion for the nine months of 2018 shows that the Asian telecom operator has 24 percent...
Airtel vs Vodafone Idea results

Q3 result shows Airtel India performed better than Vodafone Idea

Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea have revealed their financial performance for the third quarter of fiscal 2018-19. The India business of Bharti Airtel is headed...
Huawei 5G base station in China

Budget 2019: India lost fiber broadband and 5G business

The India Budget 2019 announced by interim finance minister Piyush Goyal didn’t give any infrastructure support – optical fiber for broadband and 5G --...
Vodafone Uganda

Vodafone lost business growth in Europe and Africa due to pricing

Vodafone Group’s 6.8 percent drop in revenue to €11 billion during Q3 fiscal 2018-19 was due to poor performance of the company under the...
US operator revenue 2018

US telecoms redesign 5G business for early customer wins

Achievement in Capex optimization is one of the tasks for US telecom operators -- ahead of taking the redesigned 5G business to customers. AT&T, T-Mobile-Sprint...
5G security

5G network brings security challenges to CTOs and consumers

Investment in 5G network by telecom operators will enable massive Internet of Things (IoT) applications such as the traffic sensors and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) services...
India ARPU June 2018

Telecoms look for revenue growth and new business models

The year 2018 was a tough phase for the Indian telecom industry including network suppliers and mobile operators due to several factors. First, India’s mobile...



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