Celcite’s COPS network management offers 20% improvement in dropped call rate

Telecom Lead @ Mobile World Congress 2013: Celcite Management Solutions will showcase its COPS network management platform at Mobile World Congress 2013.

Celcite claims that COPS-SON delivers more than 15 percent improvement in capacity utilisation and greater than 20 percent improvement in dropped call rate.

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Celcite, a provider of SON and network management solutions for the wireless industry, says its offering combines an automation platform and expert managed services to help mobile network operators reach their goals with less effort.

The latest generation of COPS is designed to offer a unified, enterprise grade intelligent OSS (iOSS) platform that leverages automation and centralised SON capabilities to monitor, manage, and mitigate network capacity and quality problems in an autonomous closed loop mode.

The in-built dynamic and autonomous closed loop actions of COPS-SON enable self-configuration, self-optimisation, and self-healing of networks with no human interaction. SON feature policies include ANR (Automatic Neighbour Re-ordering), LB (Load Balancing), SH (Self Healing), APO (Automatic Parameter Optimisation) and Plug-and-Play module for self configuration when a new site is deployed.

COPS-AIC, an automated network management platform that supports multi-vendor, multi-technology wireless networks, offers up to 70 percent gain in operational efficiencies.

Ajay Khanna, CTO and senior vice president of Engineering at Celcite, says that its next generation network management solutions meet the demands imposed by the increasing complexity of mobile networks, and operators can expect more than 70 percent in network efficiency and performance as a result.

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