Agilent unveils fiber-optic switches for optical manufacturing tests

Agilent Technologies announced the launch of optical switches that enable more cost-effective optical transceiver manufacturing tests and higher efficiency in optical component and cable

The Agilent N7731A dual 1×4 optical switch and the N7734A 1×13 optical switch are available for single-mode or multimode fiber-optic connections.

“Manufacturers of optical transmitters and receivers constantly strive for better yield and lower cost of test,” said Jurgen Beck, general manager of Agilent’s digital photonic test products.

“Our new optical switches help them achieve their goals by making accurate measurements and making automation easier with excellent repeatability, fast switching time and flexible control with LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces,” Beck added.

Automated testing with switches improves tests by avoiding repeated reconnections during measurements. The excellent switching repeatability of the new N77 Series switches assures that the signal level is constant from cycle to cycle.

Multimode fiber applications are challenging because signals are distributed over a range of mode groups that can have different loss and delay in a link. For dependable multimode
transceiver testing, the instrumentation should not change this modal distribution. The Agilent multimode switches are designed with very short collimated paths between fibers, so signals propagate in practically the same distribution as through uninterrupted multimode fiber.

Designed for high test throughput, lowest cost per channel and narrow footprint, all members of Agilent’s N77 Series optical test instruments are built on a common platform and provide a common
PC-based user interface.

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