First Data selects VeriFone for Caribbean POS product offering


VeriFone Systems announced that First Data Corporation has selected
VeriFone as the exclusive provider of Class A Point-of-Sale (POS) payment
acceptance systems in the Caribbean region.


First Data will expand its product offering to include the advanced
payment system hardware and software technology throughout the region with a
strong focus on security and authentication for Caribbean businesses.


First Data is partnering with VeriFone to develop applications for
VeriFone’s Vx Solutions and VX Evolution countertop, wireless and
PIN entry systems.


“We selected VeriFone as our exclusive POS product offering in this
region as their devices go beyond traditional magnetic stripe transactions by
providing advanced EMV card processing, which increases a merchant’s security
and authentication measures to help reduce fraud,” said Phil Steurer, SVP,
Central America and Caribbean, First Data.


“With Vx Solutions and VX Evolution, VeriFone is providing
market-ready and fully compliant payment processing solutions that will provide
our Caribbean customers with the most advanced technology available to the
marketplace,” Steurer added.


VeriFone has deployed payment
systems and has worked with banks and merchants worldwide to implement the
necessary systems. The systems will support EMV credit and debit cards which
utilize a smart card chip that has its own data storage, processing power and
application software to provide much higher levels of security than magnetic
stripe cards.


“This is an exciting opportunity for VeriFone to work with First Data in
expanding its offering with payment systems that meet and exceed the latest
data security requirements,” said Fernando Lopez, VeriFone executive vice
president, Latin America and The Caribbean.


VeriFone Systems recently announced the launch of the H5000, a countertop payment solution that
accommodates multiple payment types, including legacy magnetic stripe, EMV chip
as well as contactless transaction with a single hybrid card slot and
integrated NFC/contactless reader.


As successor to the Hypercom Artema Hybrid, the H5000 represents the
first major enhancement of a Hypercom system since VeriFone completed its
acquisition of that company August 4, 2011. The all-in-one solution
incorporates PIN pad and an optional printer and features a color screen and
graphical user interface for fast and easy use as well as value-added-services.


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