GlobalOutlook partners with McAfee to improve email security and uptime

By Telecom Lead Team:GlobalOutlook, the Hosted
Microsoft Exchange and Business Communication service provider, announced it is
joining with the McAfee PartnerFocus Program to improve its
technology platform.


platform provides Microsoft Communication Services, with e-mail being the
foremost service. McAfee’s solution will help GlobalOutlook provide its
enterprise users uninterrupted access to their emails.


today’s world of massive spam and viruses, our team did an extensive review of
market offerings for Email Defense Services and decided that McAfee met our
requirements for spam, worms, viruses, and email attacks, message continuity,
compliance and fail safe services that help businesses to protect against
information losses to our users from unwanted messages and malicious virus
activity. We are enhancing our AV/AS services to ensure our enterprise
customers are more productive,” said Raghu Kumar, GlobalOutlook CEO. 


GlobalOutlook is
constantly working to provide its consumers the latest technologies in the
hosted communication, collaboration and SaaS domain. Integrating McAfee SaaS
email filtering service with GlobalOutlook’s email service, customers are
protected against email-borne threats and get world class email protection and
continuity with no hardware or software to buy, no back-ups to run, and no
maintenance to perform.


are excited to collaborate with GlobalOutlook, a leading hosted exchange
provider to help their customers address the ever increasingly challenging
threat landscape,” said Fernando Quintero, Vice President of North America
Channels at McAfee.


Recently, GlobalOutlook announced
the launch of
its new website and service offerings for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)
and Enterprises.


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