Jinni launches STB

Telecom Lead America: Jinni, the semantic taste &
mood based discovery engine for entertainment, has launched its set-top-box.

Introduced by European IPTV operator Belgacom, this STB enables
the subscribers to benefit from a complete cross-platform content consumption

Belgacom partnered with Jinni in September 2010 and took
part in the startup’s second round of funding, in early 2011.

The already available platforms include an online
service, mobile app and Connected TV app, all powered by the Jinni engine.

The Jinni cross-platform experience is part of Belgacom’s
strategy, aimed at maintaining competitive advantage by offering a superior
service to its customers.

“We are very happy with the opportunity given to
both sides and look forward to hearing about their subscribers’ experiences
with the new features, as they have been given the good fortune to be the first
consumer market to benefit from user-centric discovery across linear TV and VOD,”
said Yosi Glick, co-founder & CEO, Jinni.

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