RADWIN deploys video surveillance project for Be’er Sheva Municipality in Israel

Telecom Lead Middle East: Be’er Sheva Municipality in
Israel has deployed RADWIN 2000 radios in a video surveillance project designed
to safeguard critical infrastructure.

The Be’er Sheva Municipality installed mega-pixel cameras
throughout the city in places such as traffic intersections and public parks.

RADWIN’s systems could transfer high-resolution video
from the megapixel PTZ cameras back to the municipality’s control center. This
enables security personnel to monitor video coverage from a remote location in

RADWIN’s wireless radios transmit and backhaul video with superior image
quality over long distances and cost significantly less than alternative
wireless technologies. Today we couldn’t be happier with operation of the
radios, and will continue to work with RADWIN as we deploy hundreds of
additional cameras city-wide,” said Shimon Kariaf, control center Manager,
Be’er Sheva Municipality.

RADWIN 2000 systems backhaul video from as many as 8 cameras per site and
transmit video over 5 Km with high capacity of 50 Mbps and zero latency.
Systems operate in challenging city conditions, including non-line-of-sight,
high interference and extreme environmental forces such as strong winds, fog,
dust, and harsh climate,” said Shimon Halfon, VP Projects, Bynet Systems

The Be’er Sheva deployment is the latest example of the performance and robustness
that our radios deliver for video applications. Cities in Israel and around the
world are deploying RADWIN’s systems as the building blocks of their wireless
surveillance networks due to their unmatched uplink capabilities,” said Roni
Weinberg, RADWIN’s Executive VP & COO.

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