Cybercom to handle operation of Mobill’s mobile payment systems

Telecom Lead America: Cybercom will handle the operation of Mobill’s mobile payment systems. These are payment systems for some of Sweden’s largest public transport companies.

Cybercom will have expanded responsibility for application management of the business-critical services in Mobill’s platform, such as SMS ticketing systems for various public transport companies. Furthermore, Cybercom will help develop Mobill’s future platforms for mobile payments.

”We see great potential in developing this type of business in conjunction with Mobill, both in Sweden and internationally. Mobill has a unique platform that is interesting for us to be involved in developing,” said Odd Bolin, MD Cybercom Sweden.

The agreement with Mobill runs for three years with the possibility of extension. There is substantial interest in mobile payment solutions among companies in public transport, parking, events, marketing and retail.

”Competence, stability and the long term are important criteria for Mobill when selecting partners, and we have consistently chosen to ally ourselves with leading players in each area of the market. Cybercom is a good example of such a company and we look forward to developing together going forward,” said Joakim Nilehn, CEO Mobill.

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