PVR unveils NFC enabled PVR Wallet for BlackBerry 10 users

Telecom Lead India: As the new BlackBerry Z10made its way to Indian market, Indian entertainment brand PVR has unveiled the first ‘NFC enabled PVR Wallet’ app for the BlackBerry 10 platform.BlackBerry Z10 will be available in India on Tuesday. India is the first telecom market in the Asia Pacific where BlackBerry has launched the phone. The smartphone is priced Rs. 43,490.

The PVR app is supported by NEC India  which provided an end-to-end cloud-based e-payment system called NFC e-Money server to PVR that integrates itself facilitating interactivity between devices (the NFC enabled phone and PVR wallet access), for any monetary transactions.

The PVR Wallet for BB10 is empowered with NFC technology and NEC’s Integrated E-money solution, allowing moviegoers to tap and pay for movie tickets and refreshments without using paper money across 15 PVR cinemas in cities like Delhi & NCR, Chennai, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Pune, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

The NFC enabled PVR Wallet app acts as a ‘Closed Loop Payment Wallet’ where the rights to use the transaction money remains within the premises of PVR cinemas.

India is one of the markets where BlackBerry enjoys a decent brand equity and loyalty. In the Indian smartphone market, BlackBerry has been a strong number three player in terms of market share. However, it ended up losing close to 3 percent market share in the calendar year 2012, mostly to Samsung and Nokia in the low tier high volume smartphone market.

BlackBerry is set to release another BB 10-based phone, Q10, in the Indian market from April this year.

According to Ovum, Blackberry Z10 and Q10 will stand out from Android masses. Adam Leach, principal analyst at Ovum, says the BlackBerry 10 platform offers a differentiated user experience in today’s crowded and homogenous smartphone market.

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