Ofcom wins TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020

Ofcom, the telecom regulator in the United Kingdom, is one of the winners of TelecomLead.com Innovation Leaders 2020 for its 5G strategies that assisted leading telecoms to start 5G networks in UK.
Ofcom - TelecomLead Innovation Leaders Award 2020
UK is ahead of several European nations in terms of 5G network coverage, thanks to strategy of Ofcom, its telecom regulator. Jonathan Oxley is the chief executive of Ofcom.

Ofcom plans to auction airwaves to help improve mobile broadband and support the rollout of 5G network. Ofcom will be releasing 80 MHz of spectrum in the 700 MHz band and 120 MHz of spectrum in 3.6-3.8 GHz band assisting 5G operators to enhance 5G coverage.

Vodafone, Telefonica’s O2, Three, BT’s EE are in the process of expanding 5G network coverage across the UK.

Millions of customers can receive 5G network signal from Telefonica’s O2 in more than 100 towns and cities.

EE’s total 5G network is live in 71 locations across the UK.

SKY Mobile has launched 5G internet across the UK. A total of 21 cities and towns are getting the 5G upgrade, including London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Norwich.

Ofcom has been supporting telecom operators for testing 5G networks, auctioning spectrum for 5G and ensuring that smartphone customers can access data cost-effectively.

Ofcom is one of the few telecom regulators that reveal broadband and mobile coverage ensuring that consumers are able to compare with their service providers.

Ofcom is ecouraging telecoms to spend on fiber roll outs that will assist them to build a strong 5G network.

Ofcom in December 2019 revealed that around three million homes (10 percent) can get full-fibre broadband – which offers download speeds of up to one gigabit per second (1 Gbit/s). This has increased sharply from last year’s figure (6 percent), with 1.4 million extra homes now able to access the latest broadband technology.

UK Government announced it had reached agreement with four mobile network operators – BT/EE, O2, Three and Vodafone – to set up a Shared Rural Network to improve mobile coverage across the UK. This involves each company committing to deliver good-quality 4G coverage to at least 90 percent of the UK over six years.

Ofcom reveals the complaints from the customers of their mobile and fixed broadband operators. This assists mobile and broadband customers to know the quality of the services. In addition, the ranking will assist customers to select the best service.

Winners of the TelecomLead.com Innovation Awards 2020 were selected by a group of technology journalists, analysts and telecom industry veterans. We are not disclosing their names since some of them have NDA-related issues.