CBNL launches products for fixed wireless and smart city markets

Cambridge Broadband Networks, a provider of millimetre wave Fixed Wireless Access solutions (FWA), announced two products to address the fixed wireless residential access and smart city markets.
CBNL fixed wireless solution
The company headed by CEO Lionel Chmilewsky has launched a dual-band 60GHz and 5GHz VectaStar Edge residential access platform as well as an integrated antenna variant of its VectaStar solution.

The new VectaStar Edge residential access solution leverages the high capacity of 60GHz solutions but adds a secondary 5GHz radio solution for network operators keen to maintain high service levels and availability to the home.

VectaStar Edge is a complement to CBNL’s existing 10-39GHz portfolio and enables global broadband operators to target the price sensitive residential market.

CBNL’s VectaStar 600 Flex is 216 × 216 × 68mm in size and weighs 3.5kg featuring horn, parabolic and integrated antenna options available and a range of mounts.

The new smaller form factor and integrated antenna option reduce the footprint and visual impact of the product making it ideal for supporting smart city deployments, fixed wireless security and surveillance solutions, and campus-wide connectivity such as for hospitals, universities and schools.

The company has deployed the VectaStar point-to-multipoint platform for 100 telecoms providers in over 50 countries including 9 of the top 15 global mobile operators. The VectaStar solution provides connectivity for enterprise access services, residential broadband, mobile backhaul and smart city deployments.